Checkerspot is a design-centric materials company
enabling ultra-high performance consumer products.


Over the last decade, billions of dollars were invested to create a more environmentally sensible future for raw materials. The Industrial Revolution model is no longer sustainable.  Advances in our understanding of biology, chemistry, materials science and physics colliding with advances in computational, experimental and fabrication tools have unleashed proven capabilities
we once only imagined. 

 Our mission is to empower product designers with new technologies and materials never before available to create the next generation of high performance sustainable products.

(All photos on the website are members of the Checkerspot community.)

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska
Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan


There has been a revolution in bio-based materials innovation in the last 20 years and a realization that it is time to move beyond the incumbents of petroleum and commodity agricultural ingredients.  Checkerspot is taking this innovation one step further- bringing bio-based products direct to consumers.  Our initial end-use product applications target improvements in the experience of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts.  

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