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Recent news

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The fundamental things apply: the rise of checkerspot and supermaterials

“Checkerspot is differentiated in its approach by focusing on more rapidly bringing to market high value materials with unique properties presently unavailable with traditional manufacturing processes. At Builders we partner with companies that are developing real solutions to modernize antiquated industries. Checkerspot’s approach of integrating biotechnology and materials science, then demonstrating the value of rapid prototyping and applications development, is exactly that,” said Jim Kim of Builders VC. He continued, “We fully expect that Checkerspot’s platform development and expansion into a wide range of industries will usher in a new way of thinking for how product designers apply and source performance materials.”


Checkerspot raises $13M Series A to produce biotech-enabled performance materials

Jim Kim, general partner of Builders VC, who will join Checkerspot’s Board of Directors states... “We’re at a new age of industrial material production,” Kim said. By applying genetic tools in different arenas, he said, we’re able to make materials with unheard-of properties. “And we’re able to do it in a way that is not harsh, nasty, chemically driven, massively expensive…”

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Checkerspot Closes $13 Million Series A Led by Builders VC

“Checkerspot is differentiated in its approach by focusing on more rapidly bringing to market high value materials with unique properties presently unavailable with traditional manufacturing processes. At Builders we partner with companies that are developing real solutions to modernize antiquated industries." Jim Kim, Builders VC 

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Performance Is the Key as Checkerspot Prepares to launch a product for the winter Sports Market

“It’s all about the performance of the material. It’s one thing to put a material in, but you have to validate it using hard data then build the commercial story around that… Quite simply, you must be the better product.” - Charles Dimmler, CEO, Checkerspot

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Biotechnology meets fashion and sports performance: trends in the apparel industry

“Fluorinated coatings are used in a lot of products – apparel, cookware, yoga pants – but they can often be toxic and lose performance over time as they shed into the environment. We are developing bio-based hydrophobic coatings that do not contain fluorine and are comparable or have better properties than the leading standards.” - Scott Franklin, CSO, Checkerspot


Fashion for good announces new group of innovators

Checkerspot was awarded a spot in fifth batch of Fashion for Good Plug and Play Accelerator. “The ten entrepreneurs that will compose the fifth accelerator batch, have been carefully selected from hundreds of applicants. While each innovator has a unique value-proposition, this batch has a focus on innovative data management, new materials, dyeing technology, and end of use solutions.”


CHeckerspot named in c&en 2018 10 start-ups to watch

“…we are thinking about how we can create materials that perform better and aren’t simply swap-in, swap-out replacements,” Charles Dimmler says."



“Looking forward to working with a great team of scientists that are developing new molecules for specific performance materials and applying them in breakthrough product designs. I’ve been in the game for a long time, and I’m done working with the same old materials. I love the idea of designing with intention - creating new materials from the ground up, controlling the process every step of the way, starting with molecules to integrating them into new materials and products. Speaking as a designer and creator, this is a whole new frontier ... " - Matt Sterbenz 



Checkerspot raises $5M to bring new high performance sustainable materials from microalgae

“We see triglycerides as molecular scaffolds. Our technology platform leverages an understanding of biology, chemistry, materials science and fabrication, and through it we believe we can imbue these molecules with properties that dramatically enhance the performance of Checkerspot’s materials. As we grow, we’ll continue to innovate around this platform, further developing its precision to allow us to penetrate into more and more applications areas,” said Scott Franklin CSO Checkerspot.


Three Customer Discovery Tips For Building An Innovative Company

“We want to be much more intentional about the design of materials and product development,” Charles says, “an important part of that is knowing what end-users will want, even if they cannot readily articulate it.”  


Closing the applications gap: Checkerspot closes $5M seed financing in pursuit of high-performance biomaterials

“This is the right time,” McClary told The Digest. “The novel tool sets and data sets, all colliding with computation. The tools create the data sets, and the computation allows you to move at the speed that’s right. And these are new business plans and models, and now we have entries into the high value materials space. 

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Checkerspot Inc., a materials innovation company, announced today that it has closed its Series Seed financing for over $5 million.



DIC Corporation and Checkerspot, Inc. entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to create a new class of novel, high performance polyols. 

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The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Announces 2018 Green & Bio-Based Chemistry Technology Showcase Winners

Checkerspot named one of ten showcase winners to present at the GC3 Conference.


bio-based world news - 5 minutes with ... Charles dimmler, ceo of checkerspot

“In a decade’s time, bio-based industry will no longer be an industry classification. We’re already seeing signs from leading, large consumer brands that they are not differentiating between bio and other feedstocks.”

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ADvanced Materials science - a new genomic frontier

Illumina Accelerator Graduate, Checkerspot, is Designing High-Value Materials