We are currently working on a number of product applications at Checkerspot and in collaboration with our core partners.
Our initial focus is on three material categories:



Through partnerships, we are developing functional improvements to oils formulated to improve viscosity, lubricity, stability, and anti-corrosive properties.  The oil will have a high performance, biodegradable formulation that improves drive-train efficiency, as well as a "self-cleaning" feature that reduces the need for degreasing bike chains. 


FoamS & elastomers 

We are collaborating with a team of world renowned polymer chemists on the creation of novel foams and elastomers enabled by unique triglycerides.  We are then fabricating end-use outdoor recreation products with improved mechanical properties. 


textile coatings

This program is focused on applying novel triglycerides into coating chemistries with the goal of improving physical properties of DWR (durable water resistance) for waterproof, breathable fabrics that are environmentally friendly and do not rely on perfluorinated compounds. 

Stay tuned for more information as we announce more specific product applications of these materials.